Rapture Is No Longer A New Story

I remember when I was a teacher, teaching secondary school students. There was a student who loves to hear me talking about Jesus Christ miracles and his position as second in trinity. As the school curriculum demands, I thought them about the second coming of Jesus Christ as the last hope of a Christian. After the class, this student of mine said: 

“I felt like dying when someone says Jesus Christ is still coming back again”. 

Then I asked why and she said;

“People say He will come back but it is over 2,000 years now that Jesus Christ had died and yet He has not come back…”

I could feel her tenderness and curiosity in demanding to know the truth about the true messiahship of Jesus Christ and his second coming.

“I think His coming back would be in vain because people are dying day by day. And who will He meet when he comes back?” She added.

This is the simplest question, someone would think, but no biblical question is simple to answer, it demands to answer with proof which is the bible references.  Kids will always want to know the truth, especially things that are spoken in parables or proverbs.

To answer the question above correctly, one needs to examine his life and know what is your stand in Christ. You must first have to believe in what you want others to accept. You must ignite your faith that what you lean on is sure to hold your back. 

My response to the young girl was; “will He meet you waiting patiently for His coming?”

 She nodded her head as acceptability to my question and wanted to go take her seat or walk-away. It is somehow discouraging when question it is used to answer questions. This is due to the fact that the person answering your question may want to know why you are asking or what you understood by your question. 
The rapture will take place. Jesus Christ has said it. God affirmed it 

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