Solution to blank or grey photo in WordPress gallery and post in 4min

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Solution to blank or grey photo in WordPress gallery and post in 4min

One of our fans requested a solution to Blank Images in WordPress Blog Post and Gallery. Having gone through a series of researches online, we realize by the statistic that over 42% of WordPress users are facing this challenge. Why this is happening we are yet to finalize, as a response on the WordPress community still lacks responses by the WordPress staff.

Wordpress Blank Photo

Message received from my subscriber;

“I log on to my WordPress Dashboard and I tried to post a post. After writing my long epistle, I wanted to use my already downloaded photo that is on my site as my Feature Image, to my surprise everything went blank. I could not see my photos; they all turn to blank gray color. I uploaded a new photo, after uploading; the new photo went blank too. I try uploading it on through my Media Library still no fruitful result.

I have deactivated all the plugins, deleted some and try to do a website reset using another plugins. I have used photo optimization plugin to optimize my photos. I have restored my work space on my hosting site. I am using latest version of WordPress. I have also tried a new theme, but all seems to be in vain.

I have called my hosting company. Spent almost an hour talking to robot on cell phone. You know what it takes for your hosting company to spent 1hr looking for an error on your site and still, they cannot resolve it. And the final suggestion is “We are restoring you back to the previous version”. After the degrading, no good result. Bullshit!

I wonder if this cannot be restored or someone has hacked my WordPress account. Could this be virus?Where do I start from? Those photos on my site are my creative works. How could this be? What is the solution to blank images on gallery and post?”

This is not a virus. This can be resolved. Kindly watch my four minutes video or read on to my conclusion.


To resolve your blank images. Follow these steps below:

Step 1: Check if your photo is showing on your WordPress Library.

Step 2: Go to your CPanel and Backup your site.
Download your .htaccess file

Step 3: Download your .htaccess file (open wp-admin folder and download your .htaccess)
.htaccess to .htaccess.old

Step 4: After downloading, RENAME the .htaccess to .htaccess.old on your CPanel.

Step 5: Save your RENAMED .htaccess and Reload your WordPress.
RENAMED .htaccess and Reload your WordPress.

Note: This process is applicable to all hosting companies.

Let me know if this method works for you.

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