How I earn $100 within 2days on Forex Time Trading

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How I earn $100 within 2days with Forex Time Trading

Do you live in India, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, United States, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, France, and Spain? Do you need the best, most trusted, tried, tested, and confirmed legit forex trading site? Relax, I got you one.

If you reside in any of this country, then you need this article. Give me a few minutes to guide you through the business entrepreneur orientation.
2018 is a blessed generation, what we need is action, invest your time, money, and commitment in what you do in order to pull a lack of financial stability out of your life.
Most forest trading demands a minimum of $50 and above as startup, in this article, I will teach you how to start with zero $ (Not a demo account). How? Keep reading to the end.

What is the forex market/trading?

Forex stands for foreign exchange. It is a means of buying and selling of currencies. Over $5.3 trillion traded per day. Big players are international banks, hedge funds, central banks, etc.

Which Forex exchange platform should I choose?

Their millions of Forexes trading sites online. This is so because a lot of people on the internet are trying to give themselves a new beginning. A new business entrepreneur orientation.
I present to you the grandfather of all the Forex Trading in the world, Forex Time (FXTM). They are in existence for 8 years now. I guaranteed you, you will love trading and investing with FXTM for as low as $100 depending on the type of account you choose.

While I was researching forest trading, their lots of forest trading sites that closed down while some sites ran away with some huge of money paid by the members. However, the only popular that seems to have maximum protection and has been on the internet for over 8 years is Forex Time, popularly known for its abbreviation (FXTM)
Forex Time Trading

What is Forex Time (FXTM)?

ForexTime (FXTM) is a leading forex broker specializing in forex trading, CFDs, stocks, commodities, and spot metals.


The only popular that seems to have maximum protection and has been on the internet for over 8 years is Forex Time, popularly known for its abbreviation (FXTM). To be a qualified member on forex time you will need you to upload some of your documents such as Driving License, International Passport, or Means of Name Identification (only one of this requirement is needed), in history, this has made it difficult for members or players to run away with money, unlike other sites.

Can Early Sunrise Guide advise a beginner to trade on the forex exchange market?

No! it takes professionals to trade on the Forex Exchange market. To become a professional trader, take your time to study how the demo account works. On the demo account, you will be given, $10,000. You cannot withdraw it, neither you cannot run lost, is for you to understand how the forex market works.

How can I earn money quickly on FXTM?

Expand your earning potential and make the most of the financial markets’ endless opportunities with FXTM’s flexible and modern copy-trading program.
Forex Time Trading Rising

For Investors

Follow suitable Strategy Managers and profit when they do. This is highly recommended. As a beginner, do go for trading now, try as much as you can to invest your money first. Unlike the PTC site where you can earn by renting people or through a direct referral for $50 per day, profit. Here what you need is choosing the best forex trader who for some months, years, or days has not run lost and if he has, not much, choose such a person and invest your money to his/her capital. When such a person makes a profit, you do, when he or she runs lost, you’ll do.
You too can be a trader, but I don’t recommend this to a beginner. To become a perfect trader, then take your time to study how the demo account works.

To invest consider these criteria;

1.  100 USD/EUR/GBP minimum deposit.
2.  Earn with every winning trade.
3.  Full control over your account.
4.  Choose from over 1800 Strategy Managers.

For Strategy Managers

Connect with Investors and receive a commission on every winning trade.
1.  Start with just 200 USD/EUR/GBP.
2.  Get up to 50% commission.
3.  Trade on ECN or ECN Zero conditions.
4.  Show your profile on the Strategy Managers Ranking page.

Refer a Friend Program

Earn $25 for yourself and every friend or family member you bring to FXTM by using your personalized referral link on social media channels, emails, forums, and websites.
This is my favorite, this was my starting point. It takes $100 dollars to invest in FXTM. When I wanted to invest, what I did was, inviting 4 referrals. I make sure they become a qualified member, then I used the money to invest. And now am earning big from my investors.

Remember, you can earn up to $10,000 with FXTM’s Refer a Friend program! T&C apply. Minimum deposit and the number of lots required.

How does FXTM Support Information work?

FXTM created customer support that is rather impressive. For example, you can use live chat – the most popular and convenient means of communication with the broker. You can use the live chat available on the website, but also WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram chat. This is quite impressive and gives traders the opportunity to communicate whenever and wherever. Also, most people hang around their mobile phones rather than a desktop computer, so this type of support via apps is more than welcomed.

There are also free phone numbers for several countries: France, India, Indonesia, South Korea, and Thailand. Phone calls towards support for China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Nigeria, Spain, and the United Kingdom are charged.

What types of FXTM account should I choose?

By default, you will be giving a demo account after registering. However, to become a qualified member, I urge you to consider these account features below.
In order to guide you through the best account to choose, FXTM ECN Zero. keep reading to know why or scroll down to

FXTM Account Features

Most modern forex and CFDs brokers nowadays have several account types in their portfolio. This way they can accommodate the needs of the majority of traders. FXTM review showed how this broker offers several account models, including the demo account.

1.  About FXTM Demo

FXTM demo account is very important, as it gives traders a chance to learn more about the platform before they start trading real money. Bear in mind that all money on the FXTM demo is completely virtual. It is impossible to withdraw any ‘profits’ made on these accounts because they are not real. Also, you won’t experience losses.

FXTM demo is not to be underestimated. To get access to the demo account you first have to fill out the online form available on the website. Make sure to use real data, as you will receive a special password (or PIN) that is used to complete the demo registration process. As soon as you complete this part of the task, you can progress to the second part – discovering the trading interface. 

FXTM supports MT4 and MT5 a platform that you can also download and use on your desktop. All the info about this process can be found on the website, and all login data will be sent to your email. Thanks to the login requirement, your account will be protected at all times. Just keep your password safe!

Traders who have mastered demo will sooner or later want to trade real money. For that, they have to open one of the following accounts:

2.  FXTM Standard Account

This account is available after a $100 minimum deposit. The spreads are 1.3 pips, and traders can use the leverage from 1:500 to 1:25. The margin call on this account is 40%. FXTM Standard account offers a variety of assets, including plenty of currency pairs, 5 spot metals, and 14 spot CFDs. The maximum number of orders, in this case, is 30.

3.  FXTM Cent Account

FXTM Cent account is great for a start. You can try trading with a minimum deposit in the amount of just $5. Also, the account balance will be shown in cents so you can adjust your trading to smaller sums. Spreads will start with 1.5 and margin call is 60% for traders who trade with Cent account. The maximum number of orders is 300, but the somewhat limited number of assets (2 spot metals and only minors and majors).

4.  FXTM Shares Account

This account type is dedicated to traders who prefer stocks over other assets. For a minimum deposit of $100, you get spreads starting at 0.1, margin call at 40%, and 100 orders maximum.

FXTM also offers so-called PAMM accounts. These accounts are suitable for advanced traders who can take advantage of sharing their strategies with others. However, every strategy must be approved by the broker, and there is also a strategy fee of 20%.
FXTM accounts don’t stop there: if you want to use ECN transactions for your trades, you can select one of the FXTM ECTN accounts. As it can already be concluded in this review, the account variety is very impressive with FXTM.

5.  FXTM ECN Zero

The minimum deposit for this account is $100, but traders also get the chance to become portfolio managers for other users. The margin call is at 80%, and you can enjoy super-tight spreads from 0.5. The number of orders is not limited to these account holders and you get a great variety of assets as well.


This account type can be considered somewhat pricey, as it requires a $500 deposit. The commission is $2 per lot, but you get unlimited orders, a great selection of assets, and spreads from 0.145.

7.  FXTM MT5 ECN Account

This account is suitable for traders who prefer the MT5 platform, as they can use it to its full potential. Spreads start at 0.234, and there is also a fee of $2 per lot.

8.  FXTM Pro Account

Pro account asks for a deposit of at least $25,000, but it offers floating spreads from 1:200 to 1:25. Also, spreads start at 0, and the margin call is at 80%.
We strongly recommend traders to ask customer support for more information about different account types. Even though the minimum deposit can be the same, different benefits and perks are created with different types of traders in mind.

9.  FXTM Trading Software

FXTM offers a great variety of trading solutions. This means that traders don’t have to worry about what device they are using, as FXTM has got it all covered. Very user-friendly approach indeed.
One of the most popular trading platforms that FXTM offers is the Webtrader. Webtrader is an Internet-based interface that requires no downloads, but still, has some nifty features added to the trading dashboard. You simply go to the broker’s website, log in and trade!

10.    FXTM MT4 and MT5

MetaTrader4 and MEtaTrader5 are considered to be the most popular forex trading platforms. These terminals have to be downloaded and installed on your personal computer. Make sure to download the version that is compatible with your computer, as there are different programs for Mac and Windows users. Also, there is a MetaTrader4MultiTerminal for traders who manage more than one account.

11.  FXTM Mobile Apps

MetaTrader also has apps that can be used on most modern smartphones or tablets. There are two ways to get a trading app. One is to simply search it in-store, and the other one is to scan the QR code, and the installation process will start immediately.

12.  FXTM Underlying Assets

Assets are an important element in every portfolio. FXTM offers the most popular FX pairs (60), stocks, and precious metals. Traders can also enjoy commodity features, ETFs, and indices during the CFDs trading. Traders really can’t complain about the number of assets as their variety is quite impressive in this case.

13.             FXTM Forex Trading Education

FXTM put a lot of effort into creating a stimulating environment for traders who want to learn more. They can not only easily participate in FXTM webinars from time to time, but also learn in their Academy and watch seminars. The seminars are easily accessible through the control panel. Make sure to research interface as you could be surprised how many possibilities it offers!

Forest Time Trading Payment Method

Chat me up for mentoring on Forex Trading.

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