Solution to Neobux IP address already viewed ads

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Solution to Neobux IP address already viewed ads

The solution to Another user using your IP address already viewed this advertisement in the last 24 hours…

I assume you jump to Early Sunrise Guide because you need the solution to Neobux another user using your IP address already viewed this advertisement in the last 24 hours…

The reason why you are seeing this error message still remains unknown. Neobux has millions of members using different IP address and at times the system misinterprets the IP address and thinks they are the same, in this case, the system flag you out. The solution, however, is of two ways;

Firstly, clear your browser regularly, probably at every login out.

Secondly, you need a VPN proxy to hide your computer IP address in other to click all he Neobux advertisement successfully without any obstacle. The procedure to execute this problem is best explained below;

Solution to Neobux IP Address

STEP 1: Log in to your site.

Log in to your site.
Click on View Advertisement.

Do you still get the error message after clearing your browser cache? If yes then follow this step below.

STEP 2: Search for ‘Hide My IP extension’

Search for hiding My IP extension using google search.
What browser are you using? Chrome, Mozilla, Explorer, or Safari? Indicate your browser while searching the internet. E.g Hide all my IP extension for Chrome

To make your search easier, click here to download the Hide My IP extension directly from the Google web store.
Install and run Hide My IP extension from Google web store

STEP 3: Select any Country

Allow the extension to run, select any country of your choice. When successful, click the ads again. Wow, that’s just it.


U.S.A and U.K by default will not work except you upgrade.
Mostly, not all countries will grant you access to use Neobux. However, these countries are liable to grant you access, Netherlands (Mapel), Russia (Moscow), Egypt (Cairo), South Africa, Italy, and sometimes Israel.

Also, please note, when using this extension ensure you run it only on Neobux, don’t run the extension when another PTC site is still opening in another tab. Most PTC sites except Neobux are against the usage of VPN or Proxy Hide. When they discover, they may block you.

Please let me know if this trick works for you and should in case you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask.

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