How to open a verified PayPal Account in 2 days


Gone are the days’ verification of PayPal Credit card was difficult to verify, although, some still find it difficult to open and activate.

In this article, I will be teaching you how you can successfully open a PayPal account and verify it in two days.

In Nigeria, Nigerians were blocked from accessing PayPal account due to the high rate of illegal transactions, but in late 2016, PayPal unblocked Nigeria, giving Nigerians the opportunities to transact business online successfully with ease..

However, the big question still arises, the question is, ‘How can I open a PayPal account and verify my Credit Card?’

Today, I will be teaching you how you can successfully open a PayPal account and verify it in two days. The screenshots evidence is true, it is true evidence of how I verified my PayPal account.

To register and verify your PayPal account, follow this procedure promptly.

Step 1: Register for PayPal account

Visit the PayPal website, and register for your PayPal account.
Fill the required field, that is, Country, First name, Last Name, Email Address, Create Password. Then, click next to input your residential address, Postal code, City, Province/Region, Date of Birth, and Mobile Number.

To ease your verification, ensure you input genuine bio-data information. Your information must tally with the same information you tendered in your local bank.

Step 2: Confirm email verification

After successful registration, you will be sent an email. Go to your mailbox to confirm the ownership of the account you registered.

Step 3: Log in to your PayPal account and add a credit card 

When you confirm the mail sent to you, you will be congratulated.

Go to your PayPal site and log in to your account. You should see by default on the right side below the summary menu, ‘Add a card’ or Click on the ‘Wallet’ menu and click on ‘Link a card’
Click on add a card. Fill the required, that is;
  • Card Type: Master card, Visa, etc.
  • Card Number: 16-digit number above your name on the front card
  • Expiration MM/YY: The four-digit number below the 16-digit numbers, usually separated by a stroke or slant line in between to indicate Month/Year
  • CSC (3 Digits): This can be found at the back of your card.
  • Billing Address: It means your residential address.
  • Finally, click on save.

Step 4: Verify your credit card 

What next is the verification of your credit card? At this stage of verification, PayPal will deduct $1.50 (N741.53) from your local bank account through the Credit card you added to your PayPal account. 

Why the deduction?

Calm down, the money deducted from your account is to prove that you own the card. After the deduction, the transaction ID is usually in this form PP*1245CODE. (Please note that this is a sample, not the real code that will be sent to you). 

After verifying your card, the money deducted will be deposited to your local bank account.

Where do I find my verification code?

The answer to this question on different sites sometimes seems too difficult to find.

To find your PayPal code. Check the bank statement sent to you detailing the transaction that has occurred on your local bank account. The statement could be SMS or mail and if you did not receive any of this notification, go to your bank and request your statement of account.


The code looks like this PayPal*1234 CODE or PP*1234 CODE.
Allow 2 to 3 business days for the PayPal code to appear on your bank online statement. You should either request for your bank e-statement via email or hardcopy via the bank branch.


  • If you do not act to confirm your card by entering the 4-digit code (or your card cannot be confirmed), the charge will be refunded 75days from the date of the charge. The credit may not actually post your card for up to 30 additional days.
  • When you remove your card or close your account during the time frames above, the return of the credit may not process. In these instances, you may need to contact PayPal Customer Service to have the charge refunded.

I know my code. What next?

To enter the 4-digit PayPal code to confirm your card there should be a notification on your home page. Otherwise:
1.   Log in to your account and click Wallet.
2.   Click the card you’re confirming.
3.   Enter the 4-digit PayPal code and submit.
By now, you should see a green background text “READY TO USE”

Use the comment box to know if this method works for you. And if it does not, don’t hesitate to send me a message using the comment box.

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