How I earn $20 daily from Waterptc

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How I earn $20 daily from Waterptc

Everybody wants to be self-independent. No responsible person wants to work under anybody, Per-say, we all desire to be financially free.

As a blogger, student, bachelor, or a family man, you must look out for all possible means to reach out to more income and if you already have, I believe you want more and that without any obstacle.

I came about the word PTC – Per-To-Click in the year 2013. How big is my mistake then for not taking my time to look into how it works until late 2017?

My first impression about online investment

When I had full knowledge of the PTC site back then in 2013. There are many reasons that withheld me from participating. Two major reasons were; It is time-wasting, it is risky to put your money because there are many scam sites.

What I have learned from my mistake is, whether is risky or not, you just have to belong somewhere. Life itself is risky. And some of these sites only require $5 – $20 to investment which doesn’t cost much, though in some countries it seems like gold.

To earn big and faster from PTC sites, you must put in something else it will take you a long time to earn free money. Some sites do take probably a month or two months to earn $2 – $3 which is not advisable as a bachelor who has a house rent or school fees to pay or a family man to work for.

In this article, I want to teach you some strategy that I have researched, worked-out and for sure, it worked out for me. I want to teach you because that is the main purpose why Early Sunrise Guide is based on. To guide people on how to stand instead of scrawling. To impact lives informationally. The site we will be considering is WATERPTC

What is Waterptc?

Waterptc is a pay-to-click site, where people are paid for viewing the advertisement and completing a simple task.

Advertise on Waterptc

How does it work?

Register and log in to your account. Click Ads from the menu to show the advertisements. Click an advertisement and wait until the loading bar completes it. Confirm the captcha and your balance is credited! As soon as your account balance reaches a certain threshold (minimum of $2), you can make a request for payout.

Waterptc strategy to earn $20 per day

I assume you are a beginner and have little or no experience with PTC sites. But I do believe that you have clicked on ads earlier and made few pennies by doing so. Or, this is your first time of hearing PTC site.

$20 USD

How to start from $0?

I assume you have no money to start or you are afraid of being a scam. You can just sign up for Waterptc creating your username and password. By default, you will become a standard member after registering.

As a standard member, you can earn by:

  • Viewing advertisements.
  • Viewing offers4all ads
  • Completing Paid to Signup offers – here you will definitely earn a minimum of $5 per completed offer.
  • Taking a survey on 5 different channels which could probably earn you $5 per day.
  • Taking chances in the WaterGrid lottery – where you can win a $5 free lottery in one day.
  • Viewing some huge money ads on MinuteStaff – With minutes staff, you could probably earn $1 per day if you’re persistent in what you are doing. MinuteStaff unlike other packages on the site offers a lot of variety, such as instant ads, visit ads, view ads – this is my favorite anyway, I earn half a dollar from it every day. Although there still much to earn from this package.

Even if you do not have many offers or tasks to do per day (which is impossible) or you don’t have an interest in taking the survey, you are mainly to click. No problem, but to do this, you will need some referrals to do the job for you.


Referrals are those you invited to take part in Waterptc. You invited them because you want the same thing for them, that is self-fortune. To register on Waterptc click here.

Who needs this idea?

Everybody of course. Whether a standard account or premium account, everybody needs a referral. These are the people that will ease your effort. They will do the clicking for you. You will earn a commission for each click they clicked.

How do I get referrals?

There are two types of referrals. Direct Referral (DR) and Rented Referral (RR).

Direct Referral is those you invited using your referral link. As a standard member, the maximum direct referral you can get is 50. It could be your friends, family, schoolmate, or social networking friends.

Let assume you are not the type that likes broadcasting what you do and you like doing things silently in your own way unlike Early Sunrise Guide (smile). Fine, what you need is a rented referral.

Rented Referral is provided by Waterptc itself. They are not free and if you are going to make $1500+ a month from them, then you have to buy/rent referrals. One referral can be rented for $1 for 30 days. In all memberships, System will deduct $0.10 from your Balance for each Rented Referral Expired. This is also called “RR Losing Fees”.

Referral Notice: Any Member of Waterptc is not allowed to use RefBack Services and Multi-Level Marketing(MLM) Systems through Sites or Apps or Software or Etc. for getting Direct Referrals. If you get caught using such services will be given one chance to continue with Waterptc by deleting his/her Direct Referrals with their (Direct Referral’s) earnings and deleting all pending payments.

ADVICE: When you are renting a referral, don’t look out for the profit in the first month. Take all PTC sites as an investment. Some of us like withdrawing our first hard-earned money when it reaches the minimum threshold. Some, to check if the site is legit or scam. It is good to check that. But I want to tell you that, you are not helping yourself. I told you earlier that you need to learn how to take the risk. If Waterptc is a scam I won’t be writing a good about them. It has always been paying me and everybody, you can make your own research or check their payment forum.

Now, let get into business!

Strategy from reaching $50 per month from $0

Step 1:  If, 1 (Rented Referrals) X 7 (ads per day) X $0.005 (each click) = $0.035 per day,
Then, ($1.05 in 30 days)

Step 2: Therefore, 3 (Rented Referrals) X 7 (ads) X $0.35 = $0.105 per day
In 10 days, it reaches 10 X $0.105 = $1.05
In 30 days it reaches 30 x $0.105 = $3.15
Profit = $3.0525 (after Deduct referral autopay fee which is $0.0325 x 3 RR = $0.0975)
So, on $3, you are getting $3.0525 in return.

ADVICE: At this stage, I believe what will come to your mind is withdrawing your money as to proof Waterptc legit or scam? Well, the choice is yours.

But think of it, when you withdraw the $3.0525, it will take you another 30days to earn another $3. So, my advice to you is, rent 3 more referrals with you $3.0525, to maximize your profit. Repeat these processes till you reach your desired amount.

Step 3: Next is buying another 3 RR with $3. Now you have 6 Rented Referral working for you.
6 (RR) x 7ads x $0.035 = $0.21 per day
In 10 days, it reaches 10 X $0.21 = $2.1
In 30 days it reaches 30 x $0.21 = $6.3
Profit = $6.105 (after deducting RR autopay fee which is $0.195)
So, you should be having $6.105 in your main balance now.

Step 4: Now buy an additional 6 RR with $6. Now you have 12 RR.
12 (RR) x 7ads x $0.035 = $0.42 per day
In 10 days, it reaches 10 X $0.42 = $4.2
In 30 days it reaches 30 x $0.42 = $12.5
Profit = $12.11 (after deducting RR autopay fee which is $0.39)

Step 5: Now you should purchase 12RR more to add up 24 RR
24 (RR) x 7ads x $0.035 = $0.84 per day
In 10 days, it reaches 10 X $0.84 = $8.4
In 30 days it reaches 30 x $0.84 = $25.2
Profit = $24.42 (after deducting RR renewal fee which is $0.78)

StepMonthNo. of RRNo. of adsEarning per dayIn 10 DaysIn 30 Days

So according to this table, it will take around 6 months to reach 50 referrals fetching you around $17.5 every 10days starting with $0

Now you will get an idea of how you are going to earn $105 per month starting with $0 dollar.



You did not have to spend any money. However, what you must have is patience. A man of impatience will never get things done on PTC sites.

You don’t have to wait until 4 months before getting $20 dollars on Waterptc. If you can invest, for instance, $5 to $10 as starting-up for 5 to 10 referrals, in the next month you should be hiring another 10 to 20 referrals with your profit and this would make your threshold $10 to $20 dollars per month. Now you can see that without investing your money on any PTC sites as I mentioned earlier, you can still earn money but it will be a delay just like a man who clicked for 6 months before earning $50 compared to a man who invested with $25 dollar as starting up.

As you know the standard member is free and you can’t have more than 50 referrals. Moreover, the commission per rented referral click is $0.005.
So, if you want to have more referrals and double your commission then you
have to move on to the Premium membership that costs $105, $370, $1100, etc I will discuss that in my next article. Subscribe to my Blog to keep you updated.

With the premium membership, you can have 2000+ rented referrals and commission per rented referral click is $0.005, just double compared to a standard account.

One unique fact about Waterptc is that all your referrals are stable, unlike other PTC sites where you will pay your referrals and they won’t be honest with their calling.

You can make a cash request for a small amount say $5 or $10 to see the payment proof yourself & to keep you motivated.

So, do not cash out your account frequently and use your account balance to buy a premium membership.

Is there any area you want me to do justice that I didn’t? Feel free to interact with me using the comment box.

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