How to add Social Share Button to Blogger Site

Adding Share Button to your site is a good idea to expose your creativity to all social media website with ease.Social Media Icon

Today I will be teaching you how to integrate floating, inline or static social button icon to your blogger site. The process is very simple.
There are two ways you can integrate the Share Button to your sites;

1. Pasting the Snippet code through the Blog Layout

Copy the code snippet below and adds it to any page you want it to appear or paste the snippet code inside the blogger template theme immediately before the body end tag. 

Copy the code before the < /body> end tag.
ESG Blogger Layout
  • Login to your Dashboard 
  • Click on Layout Menu
  • Before the footer click on ‘Add a Gadget’
  • Select HTML/Javascript
  • Paste the code 

 <!– Share Button –>

    <script src=’//′ type=’text/javascript’/>

      <!– /Share Button –> 
  • Save it

2. Pasting the Snippet code inside the Theme Template

I will recommend this stage for you because it helps your site to load faster when you add third-party snippet code just before the body </ body> closing tag.

My reasons; too much of third-party snippet code or script will slow down your site, but when you place your code immediately before the body end tag, your site will load faster because, before other script or snippet load, your site links would have been loaded successfully.

ESG Blogger Theme Layout

Copy the theme above and follow these procedures;

  • Login to your DashboardESG Blogger Theme Template Layout
  • Click on Theme Menu
  • Click on ‘Edit HTML
  • Search for the < /body>, or use your keyboard command using Ctrl + F
  • Paste the code immediately before the closing of the body tag as seen in the image above.

 <!– Share Button –>

<!– /Share Button –>    <script src=’//′ type=’text/javascript’/>


  • Save it

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This is all it takes to integrate a social share button to your blog. Should there be any suggestion while reading this post, kindly use the comment box. 

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