2020 Best PC Screen Video Recorder App

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Best PC Screen Video Recorder App

Are you a blogger or an instructor? Do you have a YouTube Channel or other website, blog or social media site that you will like to upload your video? You don’t need to surf the net again as this video is purely for you.

Today I will be teaching you how to do screen video on your personal computer (PC).

SRecoder - ESGTheir tons of Screen Video Application online but today I will be introducing you to one of the best application ever, SRecorder (Screen Recorder). This is the application I have been using for years now and it really works fine for me.

Watch How to do Screen Recorder on any version of OS Computer 

Is the video helpful? Let read on. 


Screen Recorder is a screen video recorder that is the best use on a computer. Screen Recorder is a free app, no paid plan for now.


Some of the advantages of a screen recorder are;
  •      You can specify the width and the height of your video.
  •      It captures audio background for those that might like to play music or do voice recording.
  •      You can share directly with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+,
  •      You can upload your video directly to Screen Recorder Server for backup purpose.


To download screen recorder, go to the Screen Recorder site through this link (www.screenrecorder.com), then download the app.



SRecoder Step 1- ESG

Open the application (Right-click and click open)
Sometimes when you right-click on the icon on your desktop, it may not open because it will open the app in the ‘hidden icon’ or ‘taskbar tray’ as you can see in item 1 above.


SRecoder Step 2 - ESG

Drag the cursor to draw your width and height of your screen video of your choice. Using the photo above, as an illustration, the height of the screen video is 736 while the width is 656. While item three is the selected area you drag your cursor to.

Item 3 is also known a ‘Select the Area’, that is, the selected area or wherever you drag your cursor to, that is the only area that will be captured as your video, so anything you wish to screen record must not exceed your selected area and if it does, drag the table/window to your selected area.


SRecoder Step 3 - ESG

Item four-pointed to ‘Red Dot’ which means record button. When you click on the record button or red button, the video will start counting. And beside it, is a stop recording button you can use to stop recording the video. See it below.


SRecoder Step 4 - ESG

When you are done recording your video/project, click on Stop Recording. Then you should see what to do next as you can see from the photo below.

The ‘Save icon’ allow you to save your video on your computer.

The ‘Upload icon’ allows you to save your video on Screen Recorder server as to free your local disk space on your computer. You will need internet access to do this.
The ‘Share icon’ allows you to share your project/video directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

The ‘X icon’ simply means close. When you click on it, it will close the project without saving.

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