3 Ways To Add A Link or Code To Your Blogger Site

3 Ways To Add A Link or Code To Your Blogger Site

Adding external links or referring to another site that has a source to what you posted on your site is the best way to add value to your blog or make your blog look nice. 3 Ways To Add A Link or Code To Your Blogger Site
Most times, we developed new links or probably copied it from another website and decided to add it to a blog post or an article on our web pages. Learning how to develop or copied a link is never an issue but pasting it at the appropriate place to avoid broken links, slowing down the web page, or affecting the SEO rank.
Today I will be teaching you how to add links to your blogger site without slowing down your site or affecting your SEO rank. The platform I will be considering in this post is GOOGLE BLOGGER. Blogger is a free sub-domain hosted by Google. 
There are three ways to add external links to Blogger,
  1. Adding Link Through a Blog Post
  2. Adding Link Through the Blogger Layout
  3. Adding Link Through the Theme Template


1. Adding link through a blog post

When writing a blog post, it is advisable to add a link to your article. In most cases, blogger often adds a link of their recent post to their newly write-up as to carry the reader along, while some writer adds an external blog link to their post as a source or copyright license.
To add a link to your blog post on blogger, follow the following steps;
  • Log in to Blogger Dashboard 
  • Click on Post Tab  
  • Click on ‘New Post’
  • Click on Link in the formatting tab above the text area. 
By default, a pop-up tab will appear like an image below; 
Adding link through a blog post


Text to display/Title 

Your title is what will be displayed to your reader. For instance, I want to add my blog site link to a blog post and I want my reader to see the link as ‘Early Sunrise Guide’, what I need to do is typing Early Sunrise Guide in the space provided. By default, the Early Sunrise Guide will be displayed to my reader in blue font color.

Link to Web Address/To what URL should this link go?

Type in the space the URL to the external web pages you want your reader to play around with. Not sure what to put in the box? First, find the page on the web that you want to link to. (A search engine might be useful.) Then, copy the web address from the box in your browser’s address bar, and paste it into the box above.

Link to Email Address/To what email address should this link?

Type in the space the email of your recipient you want your reader to reach. Be careful. Remember that any time you include an email address on a web page, nasty spammers can find it too.
Note: Click on ‘Open this link in a new window’ to open a new tab for the link you just inserted. This is ideal to keep your reader on your recent open article; this will keep them coming back to the page. 
Unchecked Add ‘rel=nofollow’ attribute will stop the webmaster from indexing the links. This is not advisable as it will affect your SEO rank when the webmaster is indexing your blog post.

2. Adding Link Through the Blogger Layout

Adding Link Through the Blogger Layout
The easiest way to add an external link/script or code to your blog is through Blogger Layout. It is very easy, though this is not ideal when adding a script to your theme template as the script is probably going to slow down your blog. 
The best way to add the script to your blog is through the theme template, before the head tag, body tag, or after body tag before the end of the HTML tag. I will point more light to this later.

Let see how to add link/script to your blogger layout;


  • Log in to Blogger Dashboard 
  • Click on Layout Tab 
  • Click on ‘Add a Gadget’ 
  • Click on HTML/JavaScript
Adding Link Through the Java/HTML
In the photo above, paste your code.

3. Adding Link Through the Theme Template

Adding Link Through the Theme Template
Adding a link to the blogger template is very tedious. I assume you are familiar with website codings like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. 
Blogger Template is a back-end to your blog appearance. When you paste the wrong code to your blog, it will affect the behavior of your site. 
Most times it is advisable to always paste JavaScript code through your blogger template, immediately before the footer tag or before the closing of body tag (< /body >). The reasons are very simple, they are;
  • It helps your blog site load faster
  • Allow other tags/codes to load first before the external script you added.
  • Adding your script immediately before the closing of the body tag will make your coding accessible and quick to find.

So how do I paste code through my Blogger Template?

  • Log in to Blogger Dashboard 
  • Click on the Theme tab 
  • Click on ‘Edit Template’ 
  • Use the search command “Ctrl + F” to search for the [< /head>, or < /body>] tag. 
  • Then paste your code before the end tag.
Link Through the Theme Template


This is all you need to add a link or code to your Blogger Site. Message me using the comment box to help you out where you find it difficult to utilize the steps successfully.

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