How to calculate NOUN GDPA with EazySurf GDPA Calculator

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How to calculate NOUN GDPA with EazySurf GDPA Calculator

It is no news that the old-time way has been erased and different organization is now taking lead in assisting the students from various University to set up a platform where the student can now auto calculate and monitor how their grades are been collated.

This is a new development for the students of the National Open University of Nigeria as EazySurf organization launch a new ideology on how a student NOUN can confidently calculate the GDPA of their results.

EazySurf as an independent organization serves as the intermediary between the National Open University School and the students. EazySurf is not an organization owned by the National Open University but a group of individuals with different lucrative ideas.

Features of EazySurf

The following are the primary objectives of EazySurf;
  • NOUN lecture timetable
  • NOUN Website Portal 
  • NOUN announcement publicity
  • NOUN Grades Calculation
  • Noun Guide and Manual
  • Graduands List
  • Noun Courseware (E-courseware)


There two ways to run your CGPA calculation on Eazysurf. The first is on Eazysurf website or through the Mobile application downloaded from Google Play Store.

1. Mobile Application Method

Step 1: Download your NOUN result in PDF Format

Ensure you have downloaded your result on your cellphone. To do this, log in to your school portal, download your result in PDF format.

Step 2:  Download the App on Play Store

EazySurf App

Download EazySurf android application on Play Store or click the link below, solve the captcha and access the APK via Play Store.

Step 3: Open the app and click on GP Calculator

Follow the process below;
  • Scroll down to select your courses or use the search tab.
  • Click on choose file and upload your downloaded results (.pdf).
  • Ensure you select the appropriate unit course for your courses.
  • Sometimes the app may render your course as (-1unit) course, when you see this, change it.

Step 4: Click Calculate

Swap to the right again to the calculation tab and select, calculate.

EazySurf App

2. EazySurf Website Method

Step 1: Download your NOUN result in PDF Format to your PC.

Step 2: Visit EazySurf Website
Click the link below, solve the captcha to access the EazySurf Website.

Step 3: Upload your downloaded file or add your courses and your course unit manually.

Step 4: Click the Calculate


  • Ensure none of the credit units shows (-1) if it does, please click on it to put it either 2 or 3 to or appropriate units. 
  • Auto CGPA feature remains temporarily FREE for now. 

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