How to activate any Window OS with Window Toolkit

How to activate any Window OS with Window Toolkit
So, your system ran into an unpredictable virus that costs you a lot of time formatting it or you just feel like getting rid of the previous version (7, 8, 8.1, or 10). After a successful installation of a new version, then your system pops up a label that got people talking (Activate your Window 10).


In this post of mine, I will be walking you through a minor trick to get your Windows 10 OS activated as simple as ABC. Ensure you follow the process below vehemently;
Step 1: Verify if the window is activated or not?
Go to Control panel -> Click on System and Security, then click on System hyperlink.
Look Below, what is written there? OR,
On window 10 -> Click the window Key then click setting 
Click Update & Setting -> Click Activation.
Is your Window OS activated?
Step 2: Put off your Window Defender or Antivirus
Step 3: Download and Run Window ToolKit 2.6 Beta 5
After deactivating your system anti-virus software. Download and launch Window ToolKit 2.6 Beta 5, Run as Administrator.

Step 4: Window Toolkit Product Keys

Window Toolkit Product Tab

Products – Select your Window Spec (Window Vista, Server 2008, 7, 7 Embedded, 8, 8.1, 10, etc.). Edition – Select the edition of the product you want for your PC (e.g., Professional, Enterprises, etc.). Now Click on INSTALL

Window Toolkit Activation Tab


Step 5: Window Toolkit Activation Tab

When successfully launch, click on the activation tab, from the tool selection, select AutoKMS, and click install. Then, click on ACTIVATION.
Run through the first step now to check if your PC is now activated or not. If yes, subscribe to my channel, like and comment below. 

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