How to print out the receipt generated from Mobile Banking Application

How to print out the receipt generated from Mobile Banking Application
Everyday technology is refreshing our memory. Gone are the days people wonder how they can print out a receipt from their mobile phone. In our present days, these techniques are very easy, is not necessary you own a printer, you can send your document from your mobile phone to any printer near you with the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
In this post, I will be walking you through the valley of Do-It-Yourself technology. I will be teaching you how to print out your proof of payment from any Mobile banking application in Nigeria.


This video will explain better;



Internet Banking Services

Are you a mobile banking agent? You own a shop, office, kiosk or you trade under an umbrella?  You do some of the mobile banking transactions such as the one I made mention in my previous post on how you can become a Baxi Box agent? You probably process some of the services like Recharge card, Money Transfer, Electricity bills, etc. If you do some of these transactions then you belong here. These are the sensitive transactions that would probably require a receipt. Most people think there is no way to print out from cell phones, so they save the PDF format on their cell phone and send it to their customer, while some screenshot it and send it out.
The truth is, some of the software document you sent out can be altered or denied at the court of law. There a lot of experts out there who can create or edit your software document even when you signed on it. The best way is to print out your document, signed on it, stamp it necessary before issuing it out.


I will not go into details on how to do some of these transactions on your mobile banking application or a third-party application since you already know these steps. Rather I will only teach you the concluding part of it.
For instance, let take Samson to be a petty trader. He owns a small shop in front of his house. He processes electricity bills, money transfer, recharge cards, etc. Samson does not have a POS now due to the huge capital or the requirement it entails, but he has a Mobile Banking Application or a third-party Application like Baxi Box, Felt-Wallet, Paga, etc., that process all these services. 
The only disadvantages that Samson may encounter is when he has a customer coming for a money transfer, TV subscription, electricity bills, and a lot more because some of these services will require a receipt. So, what is the way out?


Bluetooth Printer

As the name applies, you need a mobile Bluetooth printer. It comes in different sizes, but it must be a device that has an inbuilt rechargeable battery, must have Bluetooth connectivity and must be portable. 

You can get this device on any of e-commerce websites like Jumia or Konga for a low price. When sourcing for the device on e-commerce websites ensure you read the return policy because not all the Bluetooth printers are compatible with Android phones especially the Operating System version that is lower than the version (5.0).
I will recommend you drop a message using the comment box below or visit this link to get yours (Bluetooth Printer for Sales – Jiji).
After purchase, connect your phone to the Bluetooth printer. To do this, simply enable your Bluetooth from the setting, select the printer you are connecting to then enter the passkey. By default, the passkey is 0000 or 1234.


Bluetooth Print App connected to Phone & Bluetooth Printer
By default, typed text you send to your Bluetooth printer should print out immediately. If it does not print, it means your phone cannot print it out by default so you will need to download an app that will do that for you.
I will recommend Bluetooth Print – own by Mate Technologies for you. The application is very light, safe, and faster. (Click here to download)
The first thing you will need here is to connect your Bluetooth print application (the one you downloaded from Google play store) to your Bluetooth printer.
Type any text of your choice to it then send it to the printer. What do you see? I will like to hear your feedback, use the comment box below.


Now that you have tested your Bluetooth Printer with the Bluetooth Print the application you downloaded and realised how perfect it works.

Now let delve into the last stages:

Mobile BankingAfter a successful transaction from your mobile banking application, click on generate a receipt, to some mobile bank like GTB it is called Preview. While some bank app like Access bank, you will need to insert the email that the receipt will be sent to. Whichever way it is after you might have received the PDF document, copy the text on the receipt.
This is not mandatory or is a must to do, it a way of using bank format. You can decide to issue to your customer your own format.
Baxi Box it is not the only business transaction you can print out, you can issue a typed agreement, sign on it, and insert data to it. If necessary, you can append your company stamp on it.


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