Earn $6 ZCash Coin on Telegram Bot Daily

Earn $6 ZCash Coin on Telegram Bot Daily

The worst I ever experienced on the internet is investing my time on things that didn’t later work out to be legit.

Coming newly into the cryptocurrency industry, I have joined over 120 websites asides from mobile apps that didn’t work for me. All these sites pretend to be legit for a while. Now, they are nowhere to be found. Some of these sites have sold out their domain name, while some are still operating but at a low giving price and a higher payout. 
With my little experience in the cryptocurrency industry, I have experienced a lot of scammed site and legit site. These scam sites only teach me a lesson, now I can boldly tell of a scam site even mere looking at the programming of the site. Scammed sites use the same algorithm which does not require technical know-how. I’m not going to talk deeply on that, let delve into today’s tricks.
Early June 2019, I came across some Telegram Bots that have earned me $60 overtime. The task is absolutely simple and legit. Now, I earn $5 free from these bots daily simply sparing 3hours of my daily routine to complete these tasks.
Among the bots I have handy, I will share more light on Zec Click BotLTC Click Bot, and Free Bitcoin. This article will focus mostly on Zec Click Bot. An update is coming up soon on other bots. Stay tuned.




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Zec Click Bot - About Zec Click Bot


Zec Click Bots is an automated message. The bots, short-term of robots lets you earn Zcash Cryptocurrency by completing simple tasks.

Zec Click Bot - Zec Click Bot Proof


NOTES: Zec Click Bots is a robot. It worked based on how it is programmed. The advertiser uses this bots to advertise, also individuals. You can advertise your affiliate links, Telegram Channel, Telegram Bots, Telegram Group, or promote external links. 
You get paid for completing the task of the advertiser, that is, you will get paid for visiting sites advertise by that advertiser. 

Zec Click Bots Features:



Zec Click Bot - Visit Sites

Press Visit sites to earn Zcash coin simply by visiting sites. Stay on the sites for some seconds, 10sec to 20secs. The higher it requires you to stay the higher the rewards. Sometimes to visit sites may require you to enter a captcha. To earn big, stick to the instructions.

You can earn a minimum of 0.0003 Zec in a few minutes on visiting sites platform simply by visiting sites. I will recommend you set 2hours aside for this task so you can earn big.


Zec Click Bot - Message Bot

Press Message bots to earn by talking to bots. This category is the easiest of all. You will be rewarded for each bot you join. You will be rewarded instantly for joining those channels/groups. 

To use this;

  • Click on the Message Bots.
  • Click on join.
  • Click on start.
  • Forward the first message on the bot back to Zec Click Bot to get your reward. 



Zec Click Bot - Join Chats

Press Join chats to earn by joining chats. This category earns me $3 daily. This is pretty simple but it is time-consuming. I set aside to do this when am less busy. You can earn up to $10 daily from this category. All it requires is to join a channel or group, stay on that channel or group for a fixed time. 

When you join this chat, the reward doesn’t come instantly. The advertiser for this category usually paid high to advertise. So, take your time to join more channels as many as you can.
The rewards for joining chats will be added to your balance after 1hrs, sometimes it varies, it can take up to 24hrs, 48hrs, 168hrs, or more. The instructions are, do not leave the channel or group until your time is fulfilled.
I make sure I joined not less than 150 chats daily. In a week I probably joined 900chats. I don’t get spammed by messages because I muted all the chats. And I set aside one week to delete all the chats before joining another chat for another week. I earn $4 for joining chats daily. 


Zec Click Bot - Referral


You too can be part of this golden opportunity. Stop wasting your time on things that ain’t working. You don’t have time for the clicks, Messaging bots or chats? Then consider the referral package. You will earn 15% of your referral clicks.

#5 Advertisement Package

Zec Click Bot - Advert

Do you have a link you want to promote? Do you own a Telegram channel or a Bot you probably want to advertise? Zec Click Bot is available for you to advertise your links to thousands of users. 

Leave a comment if you finding it difficult to operate.

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